• Kyle Petronio

A Very Early Analysis of New Age Filth

It always seems like post-hardcore outfit Hail The Sun is pushing the boundaries and genre conventions. Their fifth full length entry, New Age Filth is no different. Upon my first listening at midnight, I have some general thoughts on the record I would like to share. Similar to last year’s Afterburner, every April post-hardcore release can be anticipated from a bigger band in the scene. Maybe soon Rise will release Eidola’s The Architect after fans have been begging for it, given the most recent merger with Blue Swan Records. I digress.

Domino: This is up there in the S-tier of Hail The Sun singles. Any fans of polyrhythms will be pleasantly surprised at both the technicality and mainstream accessibility of this one. Oh and that sweet outro.

Slander: An interesting track to be listed as the second in the album sequencing. I like to compare this one to Dance Gavin Dance’s “Midnight Crusade” from Artificial Selection. Upon first listen I wasn’t entirely impressed, since I was expecting mad heavy vibes. But this song has a great interplay of building tension and release.

Solipsism: This tune seems like a blending of sonic pallets from all previous albums. Kris Crummet’s production is also phenomenal. And that man is THE GUY in the scene. Suffolk vibes in the outro that leads into “Misfire”.

Misfire: Oh hi, it’s me, The Mars Volta, and I’ve been reincarnated for this one song. If you haven’t checked out