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A Proposed Collaboration Between Two Rappers

Now hear me out on this one.

Denzel Curry is pretty big right? That album with Kenny Beats was absolutely tight, hence why some of the tunes are on our rotation at WIDR right now!

When I was texting my friend about that album, I mistakenly said Kenny Beats collaborated with Milo. However, it was Kenny Segal who collaborated with Milo on the 2015’s So the Flies Don’t Come.

Then a lightbulb came in my head.

Milo has been going under the new moniker of R.A.P Ferreira and released this song that got me thinking.

Milo has maximum flow right? Like creatively conscious and kinda nerdy.

Lines referenced in "Laundry":

“wonder if chance the rapper does his own laundry, who cares.”

“How many bottles of gain will I gain in this game”

But DENZEL. That dude has some wild production and powerful flow too.

Lines referenced in "Diet":

“This next bar was ‘bout to do some Logic sh*%”

“One billion and two cops can’t find 2Pac”


I certainly do. The interplay of lyricism between these two would be off the charts and the production would go in so many directions.

Is an album too much to ask?

Or a song even with these two lyrical wizards?

Fine, you’re right, perhaps it’s just a daydream of a Program Director at a radio station....


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