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A Few Overdue Parting Thoughts

I need to preface this by saying that I will still be part of the WIDR team indefinitely, but my time as a student and employee at the station have both ended. I am not sure how I feel about this, especially since I enjoyed nearly all elements of working in such a unique environment. Was it challenging to get the Nextkast System working in a virtual setting? Of course, you ding dong. But now when I think back to my time as a student, engrained in this brain is the wonderful adventures in DJing. I loved onboarding people virtually because we were able to accomplish so many different shows. Where would WIDR be without our new hosts? It’s hard to know. I’m just grateful to have had the opportunity to spearhead some 24-hour shenanigan shows and inspire others to get jiggy with it.

I don’t know when the team will be back in person, but I certainly hope all of you young cats get to experience the euphoria of broadcasting your voice live to strangers. You might not be hearing me babble on and being THAT guy in the Discord server bugging everyone all the time. I haven’t moved on, it’s more like a see you later. I’m not breaking up with you, just like kinda moving on I suppose? We love confusing monologues. This is why you can tune into my show Drum the Base on Thursday nights to hear breakbeats all day. I also plan to help out with some other shows this summer. There may be mad chaos. Expect it.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I owe a lot of my wins in college to WIDR and the fantastic community. It is rare to find a station that will blast K-Pop and then immediately follow that up with some “ScReAmO gUy RuInS iT” type beat. If you are somehow reading this and aren’t involved, I HIGHLY encourage you to do so. You wanna talk about childhood nostalgia? Here is your place for it. It will also help YOU too. Long live Nextkast, screw Rivendell and hopefully you won’t hear Boards of Canada anytime soon :)


A slightly sad former WIDR Director, Kyle Petronio

P.S. I’m not dead, so you can chat with me on Discord whenever!


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