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Spring and Summer 2020 Releases

This is a playlist of 10 songs that have been released this spring and summer by artists in the goth, post-punk, dark wave genres. While I can’t do my show The Eleventh Hour right now, I still wanted to create a playlist that would have the same genres and flow as if I was playing it on-air. To get the full experience, I recommend listening straight through 😊 Stay tuned for a part 2 of songs released over the summer! Enjoy!

Link to the playlist here.


1. Desolate District – SINE, Chris Connelly

A brand-new single from female-fronted electronic band SINE in collaboration with Chris Connelly (ex-Ministry, Cocksure, Pigface). Connelly and SINE vocalist Rona Rougeheart trade off the lead vocals throughout, their voices a perfect compliment to each other in this eerie apocalyptic track.

2. She – Clan of Xymox

This track is the opening track on Clan of Xymox’s new album Spider on The Wall, which just dropped in July. The band never fails to deliver, and “She” is no exception. It is classic Clan of Xymox and absolutely mesmerizing.

3. Kasvetli Kutlama – Front 242 & Patrick Codenys Night Creatures Remix – She Past Away

One of many featured on X, a compilation of remixed tracks of Turkish dark wavers She Past Away, done to celebrate the band’s ten-year history. This particular remix is done by legendary industrial group Front-242, namely keyboardist Patrick Codenys. Front 242 replaces the driving guitars of the original with their signature sound, and it’s impossible not to move along to the danceable electronic beats.

4. In All Severity – Panic Priest

Let me start by saying that Panic Priest’s sophomore album Second Seduction is my favorite release of 2020 so far, and easily has the potential to be my favorite album of 2020. It’s one of those albums that once started, it’s impossible not to play the entire album from front to back. The opening track of the album impresses from the start, with Jack Armondo’s baritone soaring over the shimmering synth lines. It’s emotional, haunting and an absolute masterpiece.


IAMTHESHADOW’s Pitchblack was another release I had been looking forward to for quite some time, especially since it was their first with label Cold Transmission, and it did not disappoint. One of the standouts is the track “Shivers”. The song envelopes you in layered atmospheric synths and vocalist Pedro Mota sings with a profound intensity and passion that you feel right down to the core. An emotionally vulnerable and breathtaking piece of work.

6. Safe Zone – ELZ and the CULT

On their recently released album Bloodline, Turkish group ELZ AND THE CULT come out all guns blazing. What I love about ELZ is that they have perfected this blend of industrial, dark pop and horror. Not to mention, I am ALWAYS a sucker for a killer synth line and the underlying punchy synths make me feel like I’m in some 80s post-apocalyptic sci-fi film.

7. The Wraith – Komrads

A single dropped at the beginning of the summer, this track is sometimes reminiscent of industrial giants Nitzer Ebb. It’s Komrads at their most heavy and industrial, but they bring their own synth-punk edge into the mix. The vocals are in-your-face, the layered synths a non-stop 3-minute barrage of sound. Awesome, absolutely awesome.

8. It’s No Good – I Ya Toyah

Chicago-based industrial artist I Ya Toyah has proven to be a force to be reckoned with, and this is no more apparent than on her take on the Depeche Mode classic “It’s No Good”. This track is one of my personal favorites of Depeche Mode, and was beyond excited to see that I Ya Toyah released her own rendition. With a fiery intensity and growling vocal, this lives right up there with the likes of Depeche Mode’s own vocalist Dave Gahan.

9. Hearts Fade Out (Then Comes Silence Mix) – The Foreign Resort

There’s been no shortage of new remixes being released during this pandemic and here we have The Foreign Resort teaming up with fellow post-punkers Then Comes Silence. Featured on one of The Foreign Resort’s latest singles, which remixed two songs from their 2019 album Outnumbered, the steady drumbeats and synths of the original track are taken out in favor of Then Comes Silence’s heavy distorted guitar, creating a feeling of total desolation. A remix worthy of the original, without a doubt.

10. No-One – The Psychedelic Furs

This track was one of the featured singles from The Psychedelic Furs’ new album Made of Rain, their first album in 29 YEARS! Upon hearing the news of this release, I couldn’t contain my excitement, as I never thought I would see new material from The Psych Furs. And man, are they better than ever! Vocalist Richard Butler is in top form, sounding exactly as he did 30 years ago. And while “No-One” hearkens back to the band’s 1991 album, World Outside, it sounds right at home in 2020. The Psych Furs, once again showing everyone how it’s done, with style!

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