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Homey EP Review

This will be an abridged review on the Homey EP by The Ryne Experience, which was released on July 31st of this year, following the release earlier in the year of their full length Funky Town.

"D Digg" is the opener, giving off some earlier seventies vibes with the chord progression and the overall flow of the song, similar to that of modern day artists like Foxygen.

"Spray the Sun" starts with some tasty crunchy bass, moving into some very interesting chord territory, arguably toying with some jazz cues here and there. Big fan of that washy chorus guitar and panning solo at the end.

"Impossible Task" uses that slippery chord structure that is common in many bedpop songs these days, with notable artists like Yung Heazy following this pattern. For some reason this tune reminds me of the Quebec album from Ween. Probably that tasty guitar tone.

"Tape’s on Deck" has that Primus and Les Claypool type of vibe going for most of the song. Slightly less funk, but still a tasty adventure nonetheless. Percussion in the outro slaps too.

"Big Fish" would function well in an animated country western flick, where there is literally a big fish that survives outside of the water after getting shot by a bunch of cowboys. This is an ode to big phish boy. (Get the phish joke yet? *sigh*)

"Window Waiter" is a closer in classic Ryne fashion: diversified instrumentation, something to dance to perhaps in a Tarantino flick, and something I could see closing out a house show real nicely (RIP all venues right now).

Collectively, this EP functions more like a full length album and has more connected ideas than I was truly expecting. I was pleased to hear a variety of styles dabbled with on this EP. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for these cats. Lots more percussion filled old school bops I’m sure!

Check out The Ryne Experience here.

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