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The Wrecks Album Review

Infinitely Ordinary dropped on May 1st, the debut album of The Wrecks. I got to see them almost two years ago headline with 2 EP’s. This debut album took them almost three years, and although there were a couple times when they gave us hope for its release, they never officially released a date.

This past year the Wrecks have been releasing singles at a time, and it was exciting to hear new stuff. “Out of Style," “Fvck Somebody,” and “Freaking Out” were a few of the recently released tracks that I thought had a great punk and angsty vibe. Nick Anderson, who writes the lyrics, always succeeds at coming up with some catchy songs you can belt to.

I’ll admit, I was expecting a couple more songs on the album. There are 8 tracks, half of which had been released already. Nick Anderson, the lead vocalist, has shared with his fans that he is quite the perfectionist, which is why the album took so long.

On the first listen of the album I wasn’t sure how I felt. It took me a few listens through to figure out what I thought about it. I think the album is good, I like that they aren’t afraid to try different things. It was different from their punk rock EP’s, but it has grown on me. We did get a couple slower songs from them which was a nice change. We also got to hear some string instruments in the track “Four.”

The Wrecks are great at creating a catchy tune, but personally, I was hoping in this album they’d go deeper. I still feel like they’re only scratching the surface of the talent they really have. Either way, I hope that they continue to develop their sound and release more music. I’m excited for where they’ll go next.

Check out Infinitely Ordinary here.

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