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The Ryne Experience – Funky Town

The Ryne Experience, who WIDR has had the pleasure of having for our Music at the Library Sessions and The Basement Show, recently released a new album called Funky Town on 4/20. This album has an incredible sound, and Ryne Clark adds to it with his distinct vocals and range. They play a lot with their sound in this album, ranging from an indie/alt rock vibe to a more folky, funky one.

Throughout Funky Town, they have some fantastic guitar riffs and melodies. The song that starts the album, titled “Paul Mashake,” has a groovy guitar melody that ends with a fantastic guitar solo. We have the pleasure of hearing this all throughout the album. They also change it up by adding some different instruments in tracks, like the folky harmonica in “NFC” and the cello in “Moonrise.” This added variety that really rounded out the album.

Clark accompanies the music, and many of the tracks showcase strong and flowing harmonies. They utilized cool changes of tempo throughout some of them that kept things interesting as well. “Inner Run” was one that I thought was a lot of fun to listen to. The verses are upbeat, with quick guitar and drums, and slows down a ton into a vibey chorus. There is so much stuff I could point out about the album, but I’ll end here. The Ryne Experience has created a great, strong album, and I’m excited to see where they go next.

Go give one of Kalamazoo’s locals some love and support of their new album, they deserve it!

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