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You and Your Friends

On April 3rd, Peach Pit released their second album, You and Your Friends. I proceeded to listen to the album multiple times that day, and I think that it is a strong follow-up to their first album Being So Normal and EP, Sweet FA. The smooth and easy sounding vocals of Neil Smith matched with his bandmate’s strong guitar melodies and riffs, bassline and quick drums really show their refined sound.

The accompanying lyrics are often a bit down compared to their upbeat groovy sound, making it something that can be listened to when feeling many different emotions. You and Your Friends portrays some universally experienced situations using great metaphors like in the tracks “Black Licorice” and “Shampoo Bottles.” These are two of my favorites on the album and use these metaphors to describe the loneliness and aftermath of a breakup. Go check this album out and listen to the characters, stories, and metaphors told in their music!

Check out their new album here!

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