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I am so excited to begin this journey of being WIDR’s General Manager. Our former GM, Zack, was an incredible leader, and I can only hope to leave the impact that he did. I was welcomed into the WIDR family last year as an assistant, and it felt like home. I was not expecting the year to come to an end as quickly as it did, but even so, I was left with an amazing experience. I am so thrilled to get to experience even more of Kalamazoo’s music community and continue here at WIDR as a leader.

As we continue to cope with everything going on in the world we seem to be left with a lot of unanswered questions. All we can do is push through and try our best to remain positive. This isn’t what I had imagined starting this position would be like, but life is filled with things you don’t expect. It’s the way you handle these situations that develops who you are.

This coming year I am ready to dive into all that this station has to offer and work to reach new levels. We will continue to face obstacles, but our team at WIDR is working hard to continue operations remotely and develop content for all of you! I am so ready to be able to see everyone in person again, and I know we’ll get there soon. Until then!

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