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Zack's Goodbye

To My WIDR Family,

I want to start this letter off by saying thank you. Thank you for your time, your dedication to the station, for being a part of my personal growth as a leader, pushing me to stretch myself to new limits, and most of all, being one of the most down to earth and authentic organizations I have ever been a part of. I started my journey at Western Michigan University three years ago after transferring from a school where I was playing college baseball during my first year. I knew well before moving to Kalamazoo that I wanted to get more involved with music in any and every way possible. Although I studied communications and business during my time at WMU, I was lucky enough to find room in my schedule to take some music production and music business courses as well.

During my first semester, I was shown the wonders the Kalamazoo music community had to offer. I attended my first house show, took my first Music Arts and Technology class, and began to volunteer at WIDR. I started as a content creator and music reviewer. About a year later, I decided to make the jump and start hosting my own live show on the WIDR airwaves. About a year after that I was humbled to find out I had been chosen to lead the station as General Manager. All these various roles were rewarding in their own way and the memories and relationships I have made over the last several years will last a lifetime.

Although my time as General Manager was cut short and due to the pandemic, we were unable to accomplish everything we had set out to do this year, I am so proud of our directors and volunteers for stepping up to the plate and continuing to produce outstanding work on a consistent basis. Some of my personal favorite memories include our spontaneous team bonding hangouts, hosting our studio sessions, meeting all the artists that have played at our station, expanding our team and hiring two new assistant positions, traveling to New York, being recognized by IBS in multiple categories(and winning two!), and more than anything just spending time in the office and hanging out before our Friday meetings. For that and so much more, thank you. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of and lead this wonderful organization. Although the future is filled with question marks as my time at the station comes to a close, I know that the station’s new leadership will take WIDR to new horizons and continue to push radio evolution in the right direction. It may be dim right now but I promise there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and the future has never been brighter.

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