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Concert Reminiscing

As most tours and shows have been cancelled or postponed, the most we can do is support our musicians from afar. For me, old music, new music, and the promise of soon to be released music has helped me get through this quarantine.

I'm not sure when we'll be able to go back out and see our favorite artists perform, but in the meantime, I've been reminiscing on some of the favorite shows I was able to see.


COIN is an indie pop band from Nashville, and I have had the pleasure of seeing them a few times. They recently released their newest album, Dreamland, in February. They have grown a lot individually from their debut album until now, and you can hear that in their music. Dreamland speaks about time, love, change, and finding comfort in the unknown. The energy that this band brings on stage you can tell resonates with the audience. I have found comfort in COIN’s music while experiencing a variety of emotions, and I’m excited to see them continue to grow.

Listen to COIN here

Young the Giant

I have been listening to the indie/alternative rock music of Young the Giant for a long time and is another band I have seen more than once. Lead vocals, Sameer Gadhia, is an incredible performer that can fully entrance the audience with his voice. In 2018 they released their latest album, Mirror Master, and I had the opportunity of being the first to hear it live, as Grand Rapids was the first stop of the tour. Mirror Master is filled with powerful arrangements about time, love, fate, and simplicity, containing beautiful lyrical messages a lot of times shrouded in way that leaves you guessing at its true meaning.

Listen to Young the Giant here

The Wrecks

I saw The Wrecks at the Pyramid Scheme in Grand Rapids, headlining with only two EP’s, We Are The Wrecks and Panic Vertigo, 8 songs in total. The Wrecks are a four-person indie/punk rock band, and they know how to rock a stage. Nick Anderson, with some powerful lead vocals, writes catchy and angsty lyrics that the audience can't help but join in with. With their current songs ranging from stories of growing up, letting go, and facing fears, I'm very excited to see what they've been working on. We'll soon get to see as this Friday, May 1st, they are finally dropping their debut album called Infinitely Ordinary.

Listen to The Wrecks here

Jukebox the Ghost and the Mowgli’s (with TWIN XL)

At a small Detroit venue called El Club I got to see Jukebox the Ghost and The Mowgli’s headline, with a great opener, TWIN XL. Jukebox the Ghost is a favorite of mine, utilizing the piano as a main instrument to rock and create their energetic and colorful musical tales. Their latest album was released in 2018, called Off to the Races, still going strong since their debut 10 years before. With incredible energy, they bring together a combination of modern pop, classic rock, and retro vocals, a big influence being Queen. The Mowgli’s, American alt rock, also performed their show with vitality. It's been a few years since we've seen a new album from them, but they recently released a couple singles to share with us what they've been up to.

Listen to Jukebox the Ghost here

Listen to the Mowgli's here

Listen to TWIN XL here

Right now Spotify has began a project called COVID-19 Music Relief for artists, as their revenue has been cut by being unable to have any shows or tours. Consider donating to some of your favorite artists, or just support them in any way you can. We’re all struggling, but we’re in this together.

I’m excited for the time when we can all get back out and see shows, celebrate music, and each other. Stay home and stay safe!

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