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On the Eve of Afterburner

We all know and love Dance Gavin Dance. Their album release tomorrow is going to further demonstrate their relevance in the post hardcore or “swancore” (conveniently named after DGD guitarist Will Swan) scene. Dare I say they are beginning to go more mainstream? The charts shall show us in the next couple of weeks. I am stoked to hear all of the musical ramblings that they always seem to provide, creating major juxtaposition in cleans, screams, and intricate instrumental prowess. Their sound has constantly changed throughout their incredible 14 year tenure as a band, with so many lineup changes throughout the years. This of course includes the three powerful front men Jonny Craig, Kurt Travis, and Tilian Pearson, who have all implanted their sound permanently on the band.

As one would expect, this has created many imitators, but this is not to be taken in a negative light whatsoever. In fact, just last week, Virginia based outfit Pulses. released their second album entitled “Speak It Into Existence.” The follow up to the incredibly chaotic and fun album “bouquet,” this entry packs a genre-less approach even stronger than some of their other counterparts like Body Thief, Narco Debut, or Adventurer.

Pulses. creates an incredibly wild sound, meshing more conventional swancore elements (a lot of noodling in the guitar department), with some trap influences (heard on “Louisiana Purchase”) and some earlier hip hop call and response vibes (“Exist Warp Brakes”). There is also a small dosage of Secret Band vibes (“Olivia Wild”), and my personal favorite (Don’t Say Anything, Just RT), which feels like Sufferer, Dance Gavin Dance, and A Lot Like Birds had a Pulses. baby.

If you are looking for a wild sonic ride from start to finish, ending with “Graduation Day”, where everything chills out, then you need to check Pulses. out. And if nothing else, it can tie you over before Dance Gavin Dance pops out their biennial release tomorrow.

Listen to Pulses. here

Listen to Dance Gavin Dance here

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