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Two Local Favorites

As I was parading through Facebook, I happened to notice that a local band, Stormo, recently released a fantastic self-titled single release comprising of six wonderfully mixed and mastered tunes. This Grand Rapids based band features Ben Ferrell, Jonah Craker, Steph Barton, and Ben Dewitt. I recall a house show last year at Mute City where they held down an impressive set with bands like Equipment and solo act Greg Ashley. The sound can be derivative of acts like Pete Yorn, Winona Forever, and Plantasia. It really just makes you want to vibe out in these quarantine times. Check them out and spread some love.

Another local act that released a wonderful EP features WIDR’s very own Andrew Buczek on vocals, the band being Coastal Car. The EP, Four/Fore/for, explores some different production techniques from the norm, creating a vibrant picture of the past, the future, and the present. Buczek has previously demonstrated Elliot Smith as a primary influence in his songwriting, and I think it serves him quite well. Coastal Car is among a great stream of Kalamazoo bands that make the scene the incredible melting pot that it is, even in the quarantine.

Check out this Spotify playlist featuring both acts here!

Follow Stormo on Bandcamp here.

Follow Coastal Car on Bandcamp here.

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