• Molly Farrell

My Dad & Music

While being back home with my family due to the matters at hand, I had an idea to write this blog. My sister recently acquired a record player and decided that she wanted to look into all my dad’s old records when she came back home. My dad got really excited taking them out of hiding, dusting them off and organizing them by genre and artist. They hadn’t been played in so long because his turn table had stopped working. Looking through all of his music got me thinking how he lived through such a different time, and I wanted to hear about how music shaped his life growing up. I decided to interview him, and this is how it went.

Dad's collection of records

First off, here’s a little background on my dad:

He was born December 28, 1951. He’s lived in Kalamazoo all his life, graduated from Hackett High School, and enlisted in the army at 18. He was part of the 3rd Armored Division stationed at Ayers Kaserne in Kirch-Göns, Germany. 18 months later, in 1972, he came back and took classes at KVCC and worked. Only a year later he was running a carpentry business with his brother that became his career. After this interview I learned a lot more things about my dad that I had never heard him talk about, and it was really fun.

Was there a time growing up that you remember being really into music more than any other time?

Snoopy, the bus my dad and a bud lived in for several months