• Will Kriss

Concert Review - Michigan Metal Fest 2019 (Battle Creek, MI)

The author (Far Left) and his friends pose for a photo.

It’s no secret that Michigan has been largely tapped for metal festivals in the last few years. Ever since the demise of the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival (which has since announced a comeback), the disappearance of Dirt Fest, and to a lesser extent, the cancellation of Warped Tour, the Great Lakes State hasn’t seen a whole lot of metal festivals come through besides large-name touring artists.

On top of that, the three-day camping metal/EDM festival Carnival of Chaos was cancelled in 2019 as well, eliminating one of the only options Michigan metalheads had left.

It is for these reasons and more that the third-annual installment of Michigan Metal Fest in Battle Creek may have been the most important day of the year for metal fans.

Characterized by increased attendance, blisteringly hot weather, and a very diverse lineup, this installment saw MMF continue to make its mark as the must-see heavy metal destination of the summer.

What is truly remarkable about the festival is the way it both captures and emulates the feeling of being at some of the earlier-mentioned larger festivals while also presenting it as its own original grassroots project. It has both the large-scale headliners, such as close-out act Hatebreed this year, plus a selection of the best in local and regional metal bands. I’ve been saying this ever since the first installment in 2017, and the team behind MMF has only gotten better at curating the side stages.