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Mo’ Music in Motor City

During the last weekend of July, something special happened on the riverfront nestled between the two cities of Detroit and Windsor. A relatively intimate music festival that was free of the hour-long lines, cramped crowds and the daunting task of choosing which artist to see with your friends. In truth, I decided to attend MOPOP because it was a festival I had never been to, the tickets were relatively cheap and seeing live music at least once per summer is considered a necessity for me.

I had almost no plans the week leading up to the festival; I didn’t even have a place to stay. One thing led to another and I ended up making last-minute plans to stay with some friends who had a house ten minutes outside the city. With that being said, I had little to no expectations going into the weekend. I simply was hoping to hear some good music and share some good company. To say the least, MOPOP was a dream. The weekend started early Saturday afternoon with Snail Mail and JID. Two energy-packed sets that had the entire festival dancing with their hands in the air.

After taking a quick breather we walked back towards the venue and were entranced by vocals and shortly after found ourselves at the King Princess set. A band that none of the people I was with or myself had heard of prior to that very moment, but they took the stage with a strong presence and delivered a killer show. I feel like MOPOP was filled with pleasant surprises and bands that I didn't know until I was listening to them

live. It was refreshing and I can say that almost all the bands I saw will be added to my heavy listening rotation.

The Saturday headliner was Vampire Weekend, a band I fell in love with in high school. Playing their classics and a lot of songs of “Father of the Bride” (the album that dropped this past May). Sunday came with an earlier start and more music. We caught the last 4 songs of Goth Babe’s set and I was blown away by the vocals and guitar riffs. Afterward, we moshed to Tiny Moving Parts, a punk band that brings me back to my middle school days of listening to Blink 182 on the bus ride to school. Next, we found ourselves meeting up with some friends at the CAAMP and then Yellow Days concerts. Both equally enchanting but nothing quite like the Tame Impala set that ended the festival. Overall I can honestly say these words can’t possibly do the festival justice, and I am okay with that but I can say MOPOP was a dream, a small paradise nestled between two cities, and if you are ever given the opportunity to be spontaneous -- take it, I promise it will be rewarding. You have my word...

Saturday Sets: Snail Mail, JID, King Princess, Vampire Weekend

Sunday Sets: Goth Babe, Tiny Moving Parts, CAAMP, Yellow Days, Whitney, Kali Uchis, Tame Impala

Favorite Sets:

ampire Weekend, Yellow Days, Whitney, Tame Impala

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