• Zack Zagula

Local Hip-Hop Duo VNNY & JAZZ PRINCE Release Sophomore Album “Up Long Enough”

The Kalamazoo rap duo VNNY & JAZZ PRINCE, comprised of Vince Cortellessa and Jordon Buell, released their second full-length project “Up Long Enough” on all streaming platforms June 10th, approximately a year after their debut album “Never Mind, Forget It”. The duo traces their roots back to elementary school where they first met in the 3rd grade. Eventually, they fell out of contact because they ended up attending different middle schools but rekindled their friendship in high school. Around their sophomore year in college at WMU, Vince saw that Jazz and his friend Joey, who produces music under the name Breezy, were making music together. Vince saw potential in the two young artists and knew he had something to bring to the table. They all have their various talents but all agree that music is what gets them up and out of bed each morning. They have been working together for 2 years now. Each have aspirations to make solo music someday but affirm that VNNY and Jazz Prince will always be a group.

I had the opportunity to sit down and talk about all the time and effort that has gotten them to their second full-length project in two years as well as a deeper look into the inner workings of the project itself, Up Long Enough. Below is a transcript of our discussion.

How would you describe your sound or style? Where does that come from, or in other words who or what inspires you to create?

JAZZ: I like to be forward thinking when at all possible that way we are able to cross genres and be a