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Chase Walsh Live at the Basement Show

On Monday the 13th the singer and songwriter from Frankfort Illinois, Chase Walsh, blessed the WIDR air waves with a beautiful solo guitar and vocal performance. Walsh's musical journey started when he was 5 years old when he first began to play guitar and write poetry.

During the performance we had the ability to ask Walsh a few questions in between songs. When asked about his creative process, he said that he drinks a lot of coffee and that most of his inspiration comes in short bursts. Then the hosts asked him if there was any significant story behind his performance name and he just laughed lightly and said, “actually yeah, my mom gave it to me,” jokingly responding because he performs under his legal name. While on air he played a six song set and with each song he progressively filled the studio with emotion and beautiful acoustic guitar riffs. Walsh blends punk rock with acoustic emo making for a very contrasting yet vibrant sound complemented nicely by the heartfelt sincerity of his lyrics. In the long term Chase hopes to self produce a few full length albums and play more live shows.

You can find a majority of his released music on Spotify and iTunes or check him out on social media:

Instagram: ChaseWalsh11

Twitter: walsh_chase


  • Summertime Sadness (not the Lana Del Rey kind)

  • The Last Time It Snowed

  • Drab

  • Don’t Look Back in anger

  • N2BH

  • Light Beer

Favorite Tracks: N2BH and Light Beer

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