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Cinco De Mayo in Mute City

The day normally known for celebrating Mexican independence is celebrated a little differently in the historic Kalamazoo Vine neighborhood. On Sunday night from 8 pm - 12 am, the Vine district was filled with booming sounds of drums and wailing guitars. In the house known to the local music scene as Mute City, three prestigious Kalamazoo bands filled the old walls of Mute City with their music. The bands are as follows: Lucius Fox, Nothing New, and Team Two. Mute City and many of the other local house venues want to expand the listenership of local bands. This love for local music was greatly expressed by the crowd this night.

First up at 9 PM was the heavy metal duo Lucius Fox. The band has been through some membership changes, but currently is composed of Jeremy Cronk on guitar and Jonathon Fleming on drums. Their sound is composed of screaming guitars and pumping drums, resembling their post-hardcore siblings Night Verses and Strawberry Girls. The lack of vocal elements did not stop their passion and push for a big sound, which was greatly emphasized within the confines of Mute City that easily flowed into the Vine streets. Consistent time signature changes, complex rhythms, and a do-it-yourself attitude is what makes their music so grounded and compelling. The simple fact that they are able to get a massive wall of sound without the use of a bassist is impressive. Lucius Fox is a staple in the Kalamazoo scene for metalheads and musicians alike to be reckoned with. Their next album is significantly anticipated. In the meantime, you can listen to their last album that explores the 7 planets surrounding our dwarf star that was released in 2018 by clicking here.

Following Lucius is local punk powerhouse Nothing New. They were founded in 2015 in the basement off of Kendall Ave. and have produced two albums during this time; Lettuce Etc. and Next Week. These can be found here and over the 89.1 air waves. The band is fronted by spunky guitar player Matt Jett. Who is backed with funky bass lines from Al Craig and no band would be all the way formed without their drummer, Griffen Buchheit. I have had the pleasure of seeing this band many times and would highly consider you doing so as well. Their vocals are of events that many others can relate to. The feelings of heartbreak, loss, happiness, and growing older makes them extremely relatable for many. Their music is full of passion and the prominent dynamic between its members is where most find their performance to be most enjoyable. Not only was their stage presence phenomenal through creating a joking atmosphere but their instrumentality to portray an up-tempo wholesome punk tone was done perfectly.

To finish out the night, Mute City welcomed Team Two, a highly regarded band out of Kalamazoo. This was definitely the band to send out the show. After a five day tour that trekked across the eastern midwest, all emotions were pushed towards this final show. This dynamic four-piece often refers to their sound as an “endearing Midwestern emo mathrock,” and is comprised of Justin Kiddle, Maggie Heeren, Tanner North, and Nate Smith. The constant interplay between polyrhythms and sonic noodling was gourmet to the ear. Let me tell you, it ain’t like eating cold Chef Boyardee out of the can. If you have never been able to listen to their music, I highly encourage you to click this link. Their stirring and intense vocals mixed with their airy instrumentality filled the whole home and spectators hearts. Their stage presence gave off a dramatic musical essence and was high energy.

Following the musical tones, there were tears left in some of those in the crowd from the overall energy. The tears were not from sadness, but from overwhelming happiness that everyone gets the opportunity to come together and play music to the public. The DIT community is one of acceptance. So, if you are one of those who may be slightly frightened to go to these shows, do not. They love everyone. No matter who you are. To find more information about DIT/House shows you can go to and we hope to see you at the show.

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