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Nick Barone - All The Places I’ve Never Been

Nick Barone, lead singer of the Michigan made band Mac Saturn, debuts his first solo full length LP: All the Places I’ve Never Been, a project that blends soulful acoustics with heartfelt lyricism that reads as poetry. The LP consists of ten tracks and was released in January 2019 and was recorded and produced by one of Barones best friends Ian Puzdrowski (Vincie D). The release date fitting the theme of the new year and the album as one of the consistent themes in this project is personal refinement and new experiences.

Barone has a way of making the simple complex and the complex simple with his vocal variations and instrumentals which make the album intriguing throughout. The project takes you on a dark, honest, and vulnerable journey narrated with raw vocals and soothing acoustic guitar. A record that should be listened from start to finish, enjoyed in entirety, and then revisited for reinterpretation. In my opinion it listens best during the morning or evening hours, but nevertheless, if this is just the beginning of Barone’s solo career I’m enthralled with what’s to come next.

After writing this I had the pleasure of having a brief conversation with Barone and asked him what he had to say on the album. His answer was this, “It’s the most vulnerable I’ve ever been writing songs. Because of that, I’m even more grateful for all of the love and support the record has received. It captured a time in my life that I’m glad to be able to go back and visit when need be. A reminder to show yourself a little grace and forgiveness every once in a while”.

Track Listing: All The Places I’ve Never Been, Julien, In Monochrome, Streets of Barcelona, Just Be Simple, Shades, The Ides Of March, Racecar Drive (6am in Atlanta), Rose Colored Rear View Mirror

Favorite Tracks: In Monochrome, Streets of Barcelona, The Ides Of March, Rose Colored Rear View Mirror

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