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Sasquatch! Music Festival

WIDR recently had the amazing opportunity to travel across the country to a music festival in Washington state known as Sasquatch! Music Festival. This experience was even more surreal than we could’ve imagined. Not only were there incredible views, amazing people, and great food, but of course the music was kick a**!!!

Being the music lover I am (and I’m sure most of us are), I’ve been to a few well known festivals across the country, but I have got to say from personal experience, this festival takes the cake. All three days were filled with action packed adventure, traveling from each sasquatch inspired stage to the next. I remember this trip as if it were a dream, almost too good to be true. The lineup consisted of a plethora of popular artists ranging from electronic to indie to funk- there was a little bit of everything that everyone could enjoy, no matter what their taste.

Bon Iver was one of the headlining artists of this festival. He played lots of songs, new and old, mostly being off of his album 22, A Million. The way he has managed to combine acoustic sounds with electronic sounds is truly awe-inspiring. His performance had me in tears. The beautiful harmonies and melodies echoed throughout the gorge and instilled a feeling of love and beauty in the hearts of all of those around.

Modest Mouse was another performance I will truly never forget. Their set was incredible. I specifically recall them playing the song "World at Large" off of their album Good News for People Who Love Bad News. I had never truly listened to the song before, but in that moment I listened to the words and it touched me. During that specific song, there was also an instrumentation break that they don’t normally take, that was accompanied by numerous orchestral instruments. During this segment of the song, fireworks began shooting off. Truly a magical moment. I also cried at this performance (lol).

Of course Bon Iver and Modest Mouse were not the only two wonderful bands. Some of my favorite artists new and old included: Spoon, Explosions in the Sky, Thunercat, Noname, Hippo Campus, Noname, (Sandy) Alex G, What So Not, Grizzly Bear, and dozens more.

Sasquatch! Music Festival was truly an experience I will never forget. The combonation of music and scenery were truly magial. I urge each and every one of you to at some point in your life make it to the Gorge Amphitheatre for Sasquatch! Music festival, because it will seriously be something you will cherish forever.

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