• Madeline Haynes, Grant Miller

Sasquatch! Fest

Summer is almost here! You know what that means...Festival Season is on the way!! So get in gear with some of the top tunes for one of our favorite festivals of the year...Sasquatch! Check out our playlist here!

1. "Suicide Saturday" by Hippo Campus From their 2015 album Beautiful Creatures, Hippo Campus released this sad yet upbeat song. Suicide Saturday works to capture the isolation of teen hood which becomes more and more evident with each listen. Lead singer Nathan Stocker describes it best saying: “[Suicide Saturday] was sorta birthed from this idea of finding a balance with society and with yourself. Having to commit a social suicide, in a sense, in order to regain composure with being who you are and maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself”

2. "Diddy Bop" by Noname From Noname's 2016 'Telefone' release, she gives us her new hit single Diddy Bop. After looking further into it, this song was named after a dance move called the diddy bop which was made famous by rapper P. Diddy. Ultimately, this song takes us back to Noname's childhood memories, mistakes, and joyous times.

3. "On My Own" by Whitney This song comes from Whitney's 2016 album 'Light Upon the Lake'. It turns out, "On my own" started as a writing exercise performed between the lead singer and lead guitarist of the band. This song wasn't expected to be anything other than a project, but is now a hit song on their album!

4. "Them Changes" by Thundercat

In his 2017 Album Release "Drunk", Thundercat came out with this widely known song "Them Changes". This is a groovy song all about heartbreak </3