• Amber Zundel

Goodbye WIDR

WIDR gave me a place to be myself.

I came to WIDR as a Freshman. I didn't know anything about radio, or the "DIY" scene, and I didn't know anyone. Being a director at WIDR for the last year has taught me so much about myself, and has been one of the hardest most frustrating, most fun, interesting, challenging, and exciting job I’ve ever had. There’s nothing like it.

Now the time has come to pass the torch, but I can't leave without saying goodbye.

So much of what I have accomplished and learned in the last year at WIDR is thanks to my fellow directors. Annie, Tony, Jeff, Evan, Andrew and Josh. We have all become such great friends. I am forever thankful to have gone through this experience with all of you.

In our last week I asked the Directors about their experiences with WIDR. Here's what they said...


What does it feel like knowing you’re leaving WIDR?