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You can listen to!! Check out what we've been listening to at WIDR here!!

1. "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards" by Tame Impala

Tame Impala's Album 'Lonerism' released in 2012 has no shortage of Psych-rock jams. This song being one of the fan favorites off of the album. This song's lyrics describe a relationship where it "feels like they only go backwards". Basically describing a relationship that he's putting a lot of effort into, but it doesn't ever pay off, and the connection is never made. Overall, a very relatable song and a catchy, psychedelic tune!

2. "Immigrant Song" by Led Zeppelin

This song is definitely widely known and very popular! I can give it no justice in reviewing it!! But, if you haven't heard this song (or band), you are definitely missing out!!

3. "Proud" by Alex (Sandy) G.

In his newest album 'Rocket' released in 2017, Alex G strays away from his original sound that he portrays in his first album 'DSU', and acquires a new folk sound. I personally didn't listen to his folkier sounding stuff until recently. I gotta say it isn't too shabby!!

4. "Talk Me Out of It" by Pope

From his 2017 album "True Talent Champion", Pope delivers this not so widely known treasure. Definitely a headbanger if I've ever heard one. If you've never listened to Pope, you should check them out! This album is one of my all time favorites.

5. "Kids" by Current Joys

Current Joys released this hit single in 2016. I've always been a huge fan of the lyrics within this song. Artist Nick Rattigan describes the feelings of being a kid; being innocent at heart and wanting to explore the world. As the song goes on he starts to describe the feelings of someone much older and much more burnt out. He gives the following advice to kids: "don't listen to your brain, and follow your dreams". I love this song and it inspires me to follow my dreams!! (as cheesy as that may sound lol)

6. "Ballad of the Dying Man" by Father John Misty In his 2017 album 'Pure Comedy', Father John Misty brings us this song. The song lyrics are about a man commentating on his own life and his importance to the world. Once he dies he mourns the fact that the world has lost such a brilliant mind. The indie genre of this song is accompanied by somewhat of a gospel influence with the background vocals that come in toward the end of the song.

7. "Down the Line" by Beach Fossils

This song comes to us off of beach fossils 2017 release of 'Somersault'. Dustin Payseur tells us that this song was coming straight from his heart and where he was struggling at the time in his life. He just channelled what he was feeling and wrote it down. The end product being this dreamy sounding song with sad lyrics.

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