• Sydney Aldrich

Good Vibrations

Congrats WIDR listeners, you’ve miraculously survived yet another crippling winter season! Temperatures are finally climbing and we know you’ve got that sweet sunshine on your mind. There’s no better feeling than winding down those car windows and cranking up the volume on a bumpin’ summer playlist. Whether you're road tripping, hitting the beach or roasting smores, we’ve got the tunes to see you through.

Listen to WIDR's Good Vibrations playlist here.

1. “Good Vibrations” by The Beach Boys off the album Smiley Smile

Had to start off the playlist with this feel good tune! Let the boys’ tight harmonies and nostalgic surf sound lead you on your first trip to Lake Michigan.

2. “Lovesick” by Mura Masa off the album Someday Somewhere

I never thought a song with steel pans and marimba could bump this much. This young artist has magically created an electronic tropical paradise for listeners.

3. “In My Mind (Summertime)” by JR JR off the album JR JR

This catchy pop tune is off of the duo’s first self-titled album since changing their name from Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. to just JR JR. The lyrics are a friendly reminder that the cold winter has finally gone away.