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1. Me and Michael – MGMT

A chilled-out pop track from their new hit “Little Dark Age,” this track balances perfectly the band’s pop tendencies with melancholic, spaced-out synths.

2. Innocent Son – Fleet Foxes

Coming off their eponymous debut, this track accents the more atmospheric side of Fleet, with a hauntingly beautiful melody, mixed as always to absolute perfection.

3. Beginner’s Luck – King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

I reviewed the album this track was released on, as well as all the other works the band released in 2017, and can only reaffirm the genius of this track.

4. Chicken Strut – Meters

An absolute classic from the masters of funk-pop. Just keep on struttin’!

5. Sometime Ago – Chick Corea


6. You Are My Sunshine – Johnny Cash

Another classic from the Man in Black, sorrowful yet loving. What a romantic.

7. Colony of Birchmen – Mastodon

Modern progressive metal in the truest sense, Mastodon comes at ya with an aggressive, cathartic ride.

8. 21st Century Schizoid Man – King Crimson

Another veritable classic in King Crimson’s energetic, eclectic, prog masterpiece.

9. Better – Saint Pepsi

Switching it up for the last track of the playlist, we’ve got Saint Pepsi’s “Better,” a all-to-perfect example of Pepsi’s innovation and exploration into a genre he himself may be credited with creating – future funk.

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