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Alvvays came into being during the beginning of the decade.

During those years of 2011, Molly Rankin and Co. started to perform under the name Alvvays, stamping their name into Indie Pop as wunderkinds of infectious hooks, peppy lyrical styles, and ironic humor. All this and more is why I have grown so fond of this group of humans.

Antisocialites is Alvvays sophomore effort, and while staying true to their sound, there is new ground discovered. It seems like this is the album meant to push them from Canadian indie home slices to a large world following. Though I will try not to pretend to know their goals, or situations, but high recording quality, scope, and fresh inspiration makes me believe these artists are taking themselves more seriously.

This albums sound, while staying inside the realm of Indie Pop and doing it well I might add, it pushes in some wonderful synth-pop ideas, ELOesk breaks downs, and an irony that did not always exist on the album previous. The lyrical tone of the album seems to be of a emotionally distant person, who realizing they were dating was not whom they truly was fit for. After struggling with their new self-realized freedom, but feeling less than energetic about this neo lifestyle.

Starting out the album is In Undertow, the leading single for the album. Setting the tone for the rest to come. Lyrically resonating with a broad audience. Sitting at track three, Plimsoll Punks is my favorite song on the album, and not just because it says Punks in the title. This upbeat riff, smooth indie delite just hits me in the cranium. Not My Baby seems to be written to smash hearts, and egnite new starts. Already Gone is a much needed bleak pit to throw yourself into when you might get too overcome with indie fluff. No jiggly riff, just emotions, but don’t worry they’re coming back

Fav Tracks “In Undertow” “Dreams Tonite” “Plimsoll Punks” “Your Type” “Forget About Life”

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