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This Month brought WIDR’s rotation rack a number of different indie-pop records that are guaranteed to keep you going this semester. Our WIDR staff picked some of their favorites for an upbeat playlist full of dance grooves.

1. “Bedroom,” by Langley:

Lo-fi acoustic song with great lyrics, a beautiful chorus and and ending that will force you to listen to it again. Langley is a fabulous local artist with serious pipes.

2. “Follow the Leader,” by Foxygen:

Sounds like a classic rock hit from 1974, but it was written in 2017. Heavily orchestrated and great background vocals. Foxygen is a rock duo from California with a very vintage yet fresh sound.

3. “Dreams Tonite,” by Alvvays:

Indie pop jam with pretty vocals and good build up throughout the song. Alvvays is an Indie pop group from Toronto, Ontario.

4. “Sun’s Out,” by Hoops:

One of many great songs by Indiana band hoops off their new album ‘Routines.’ Sun’s Out has a very catchy verse and chorus as well as great instrumental passages.

5. “Crystal Night,” by Black Lips:

Sounds like a classic from the 1950’s. Could be in a musical minus a few obscure sections. Very catchy tune.

6. “Ballad of the Dying Man,” by Father John Misty:

An introspective take on a man quickly approaching death. Very pretty chorus and lyrics that highlight serious flaws and problems in society.

7. “May 1st ,” by Beach Fossils:

Slower indie jam, very catchy, sounds a lot like other Beach Fossils music. This song is very easy to listen to, good to drive to.

8. “Plants,” by Crumb:

Cool song with jazzy harmonies, very groovy, very vibey. Crumb’s 2017 EP ‘Locket’ is an all around great EP, this is just my favorite;P

You can listen to this playlist and follow us on Spotify for all of our past playlists here.

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