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This Month brought WIDR’s rotation rack a number of different indie-pop records that are guaranteed to keep you going this semester. Our WIDR staff picked some of their favorites for an upbeat playlist full of dance grooves.

1. “Another World”, by Secret Colours off the album Dream Dream

The first song on our playlist has a new wave feel with fusions indie pop. “Another World” is a smooth ride featuring ambient layered vocals, perfect for the intro the album, Dream Dream, as well as this month’s playlist.

2. “May 1st”, by Beach Fossils off the album Somersault

“May 1st” brings some serious 70’s vibes, with a great bass lead and an acoustic guitar, this laid-back song will have you considering taking the first flight to Venice Beach. Get a piece of summer back with this favorite from Beach Fossils sleepy eyed tune.

3. “Mornington”, by The Lovely Days off the album Arms Wide Open

“Mornington” is an incredibly fun, upbeat indie pop song with optimistic lyrics that are sure to put you in a good mood, even for ones who claim they are definitely aren’t morning people. Not enough time for your cup of joe? Give this a spin for your daily dose of giddy-up instead.

4. “Hey, Did I Do You Wrong”, by San Cisco off the album The Water

An indie-pop heartbreak tune that features a myriad of acoustic guitar riffs on this track are wonderfully arranged behind exquisite vocals from lead singer Jordi Davieson, giving a recount of his all too relatable relationship woes.

5. “My Number”, by Paper Lions off the album Full Color

A pop record that will have you tapping along to the beat, “My Number” features a catchy chorus that upon a few listens will be stuck in your head all day.

6. “Minnesota”, by The Courtneys off the album The Courneys II

This record provides a steady bass groove, underneath electric guitar rhythms that sit perfectly atop the songs drums. Singer/drummer Jen Twynn Payne brings an easiness to the track that is both melancholic and exciting, landing it on this month’s playlist.

7. “Cast the First Stone” by Elephant Stone off the album Ship of Fools

The final song on our playlist comes by way of this enchanting record, “Cast the First Stone”. The track ends with a long instrumental fade. Elephant Stone comes through with an upbeat dance groove that will leave you feeling good.

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