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WIDR's September Favorites Playlist

This month brought WIDR's rotation rack a variety of indie pop and rock records, perfect for crawling under the covers and hitting snooze. With fuzzy guitar chords and groovy drum patterns, this playlist is a breath of light fall air, getting you into that back to school mood once again.

1. "Diving Women", by Japanese Breakfast off the album Soft Sounds from Another Planet

This epic, clocking in at just over 6 minutes, starts the playlist as it does on its album and features Michelle Zauner's ethereal vocals atop overlapping guitars. This song will make you sink into your bed, ditching that 8 a.m. class for just a few extra minutes of solace.

2. "Caught in a Lie", by Chastity Belt off the album I Used to Spend so Much Time Alone

Our second song on the September playlist sounds like a Seattle coffee shop on a rainy day. Pairing the easy-going guitar riffs with its desperate lyrics, this is the perfect song to put on the fuzzy socks alongside your favorite brew to start your assignment that's due at 11:59.

3. "Trump you", by Matt and Sam's Brother off the album My Brain Hurts a Lot

This guitar driven love song begins somber and melancholic as it crescendos into an impressive raspy crooning vocal performance by Charlie Kerr, who makes his debut under the alias Matt and Sam's Brother. This record feels like a 60-degree rain shower and fits our September playlist nicely.

4. "Love is Like a Spinning Wheel", by Elephant Stone off the album Ship of Fools

Featuring a psychedelic instrumental interlude, this track seems to melt into the background and offers a soft vocal from lead singer Rishi Dihr. This mellow lullaby feels like the leaves changing on the trees as it progresses through its completion.

5. "Beautiful and Evil", by Roya off the album Roya

Cleverly written and delivered magnificently, Roya comes through with a breezy vocal performance paired with a hypnotic rhythm guitar throughout. With the leaves turning a myriad of different shades, and summer coming to an official end, "Beautiful and Evil" appears on our September playlist because it's title perfectly encapsulates exactly what this month feels like.

6. "Let the Good Times be Never Ending", by The Charlatans off the album Modern Nature

An upbeat, fast paced catchy tune led by its enchanting keyboard riff played by Tony Rogers and its groovy bassline by Martin Blunt, UK juggernaut The Charlatans produce a fun song that fits perfectly on our back to school playlist. With an extended instrumental outro and a hook that matches the title, you'll be reminiscing over that summer romance, belting along with lead singer Tim Burgess, "Let the good times be never ending".

7. "Tourist Trap", by Sam Roberts Band, off the album Terraform

Staying with the upbeat tempos, this song delivers an invigorating sense of renewal and energy. A fun jam sure to make you get on your feet or at least tap along to the beat, "Tourist Trap" features an exciting percussion performance perfect for ending the September playlist with a bang.

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