• DJ Annie, General Manager

WIDR’s August Favorites

This month brought WIDR’S rotation rack some amazing tunes from every genre. Our WIDR staff had a hard time narrowing down our favorites to make a playlist. Some contenders that didn't make the list where “Witch Stomp” , by Guantanamo Baywatch off the album Desert Center and “Arizona Stars”, by The Accidentals off the album Odyssey. But the songs we picked for our August playlist fits that end of the summer nostalgia that's kicking in right now.

1. “Creature Comfort” , by Arcade Fire off the album Everything Now

This song comes first on the album giving off some hard 80s electro vibes. Arcade Fire’s new album is art rock disco and gives nodes to a lot of older artists in song titles and samples. So it’s fitting that a song that carries with the vibes of old time begin our summer nostalgia playlist.

2. “Bad Boy” , by Dan Croll off the album Emerging Adulthood

Our second song comes with some popy guitar and easy lyrics. It’s a smooth alternative song that kinda feels like Bleachers. It

3. “This Year” , by Beach Fossils off the album Somersault

“Beach Fossils Starts their album with a jingle jangle of a song with This Year”, writes our Music Director for his review of Beach Fossils new album. The songs laid back feel is perfect follow up the upbeat melodies of the previous song taking our playlist into a chiller direction.

4. “Out Worn”, by Soccer Mommy off the album Collection

Following the laid back chill vibes we have this soft rock track by Soccer Mommy. The song is filled with light chords and airy vocals. It’s sweet melody is a perfect fit for our playlist bringing nostaglia feel ever more present.