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Peanut Butter Honey Slap

Based out of Portland, Oregon Guantanamo Baywatch was formed in 2009 by Guitarist Jason Powell and Bassist Chevelle Wiseman. The forming seem to have been composed of wise people indeed, bring ruckus surf rock, and garage flavor. Attacking their home region after forming Guantanamo Baywatch has been bring back greasy, hard hitting rock and roll. If you enjoy Ty Segall, Chastity Belt, La Luz, or even the Ventures this will be an album for you!

“Desert Center” is Guantanamo Baywatch’s 4th record to date, and is full of powerful guitar, precise drums, and ripping bass. Giving me everything I’ve wanted to date from a modern group. Also impressing about this album is the depth. You start with a Blazing fast instrumental “Conquistador” into a Lo Fi, 50s sounds of “Neglect”. As you move through the album you will notice elements of surf always, but it is what they add to that surf constant that make every song a different motif. Finishing up the album is “The Australian”. Another instrumental bookending the album that starts off with an instrumental as sonic as “Conquistador”, “The Australian” seems to counter that nicely.

If Guantanamo Baywatch’s 4th album “Desert Center” is your first exposure to the group, the slap factor of the opening of the album alone should draw you in, but if that doesn’t make you want to rip through the rest of the album, fear not. “Desert Center” is chop full of slow doo wop like songs, medium indie surf, and blazing fast instrumental goodness. No matter what the tempo or style, Guantanamo Baywatch can find the sound that makes me want to tap my foot, and bang my head.

Favorite Tracks- 1- “Conquistador” 2- “Neglect” 6- “Blame Myself” 7- “Area 69”

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