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Marela’s Understanding of What She Wants Her Music to Be is Clear When Listening to “Call It Love.”

Briana Marela is an Indie Rock artist based out of Seattle, Washington and her newest album, titled “Call It Love”, is her fourth so far.

Though it is only her second album released under Jagjaguwar Records, you can tell from her matured yet vibrant sound that she is certainly not lacking in experience as a musical artist. One factor that adds to this artist’s polished sound comes from the fact that she was educated in audio production. While a formal musical education is by no means a prerequisite for being an accomplished musical artist, Marela’s precise understanding of what she wants her music to be is clear when listening to “Call It Love.”

One song on this album that stands out is the song it was named for. The song “Call It Love” begins quick and eager, and demonstrates clearly the image of new love that was Marela’s inspiration for the album. This song invokes emotions of the naivete and excitement that accompanies a first love, and in setting out to capture the very essence of this the artist has very much succeeded. Another standout song on the album is “I’m Sorry.” This song exemplifies the artist’s ethereal sound the best, and hammers this feeling home with repeating electronic beats in the background. Marela’s vocals in the song float in and out of the forefront very prettily, turning what are somewhat serious lyrics into something dreamy and calm.

The sound of the album is, as a whole, very dreamlike and surreal. One thing this album does well is blending electronic sounds in the background of the music with Marela’s voice. On her official website,, her sound is described as having two sides to it. To quote, “Marela's original vision for this album was to dig into the two poles of her songwriting styles: her ambient, ethereal side and her brighter, beat-driven pop leanings.” This description sums up “Call It Love” well, but the only way to truly get an understanding of this is to give the album itself a listen. “Call It Love” is out August 4th, 2017.

Best Songs: “Call It Love,” “I’m Sorry,” and “Last Time.”

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