• DJ Will Kill

DJ Will Kill's Mo Pop Review

Of all the music festivals I’ve been able to attend in my life, MoPop is by far one of the most interesting. More than just a music festival, it is an interesting exhibition of a cross-section of Detroit’s various subcultures, as well as a large slice of pop culture to boot.

MoPop is truly a unique festival in its own right, and quite possibly the perfect initiation into multi-day City festivals. I'd never been to one, but I think this is one that everybody should check out, if only for one day!

Here is a brief list of highlights from the weekend.

The Environment

Detroit’s famous West Riverfront Park was a great pick for a location to have this festival. Sitting along the Detroit River in the shadow of the skyscrapers and the Ambassador Bridge with Windsor clear across the other side, it made for a very nice overall atmosphere, albeit rather surreal, with another country just on the other side. In stark contrast to the bustling Detroit side of the river, there appeared to be very little activity at all on the other side.

The cr