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NEW VIEW - Eleanor Friedberger Review

“New View” by Eleanor Friedberger is a solid representation of her work as a whole.

“New View” has a sound that evokes the styles of artists like Courtney Barnett and Fleetwood Mac. She released her first solo album in 2011, after splitting from the group “The Fiery Furnaces” which her older brother Matthew Friedberger was a member of. New View is her third album, and feels like she’s nailed the balance between playful and straightforward honesty.

Most of the album has a very laid-back vibe. Many of her songs remind the listener of relaxing with a good book and warm drink, yet also manage to convey feelings of a spontaneous summer road trip. The song “Cathy With The Curly Hair” isn’t exactly slow, but does have a calm feel to it. This is a song that begs to be put on as you and your friends cruise down the highway on a last-minute evening excursion. Another song on the album to keep an eye out for is one called “Two Versions of Tomorrow”. While a bit slower than other songs on the album, it still manages to keep with the overall feel and theme. While perhaps not an album to rock out to, it is definitely one to consider wrapping up your night with. Its beats are mellow, and in general it almost encapsulates the whole sensation of coming down from the high of excitement.

Best Songs: Cathy With The Curly Hair, Two Versions of Tomorrow, He Didn’t Mention His Mother

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