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DJ Blue Velvet

Lucid Dreams-

A mix of dream pop, bedroom pop, and alternative R&B

"My goal is for every show to be the perfect soundtrack to a day spent lying in bed daydreaming about your unrequited crush."

Friday mornings 10am to noon!

We sat down with DJ Blue Velvet and asked about her experiences here at WIDR FM.

How long have you been DJing at WIDR?

I've been DJing at WIDR since March of this year.

What is your most memorable moment at WIDR?

My most memorable moment at WIDR was probably my final training session as a DJ, in which I shadowed DJ Peach Pit on her show (which you can catch on Thursdays from 1-3 pm!). The first time she let me pick some songs and get on the mic to speak was such a thrill, and it made me so excited and inspired for my very own show. Plus we got a call in request for the song "Chinese New Year" by Sales, which I heard for the first time that day, and I totally fell in love with the track--that song and the album it appears on have become a staple on my show.

Who would be your dream guest to have on your show?

I would love to have Steph Knipe from Adult Mom on my show. I've been a huge fan of their music for a few years now; I would love to ask them deeply intimate questions about their creative process and then maybe we could cry about our exes together on air. Steph, if you're reading this, call me on the studio line on Friday morning!

What does WIDR and Radio Evolution mean to you?

​To me, WIDR represents independence and community simultaneously. I love having the freedom to choose the music for my show and to give my opinions on new releases, yet also having a team to lean on and learn from. I love being in the know about local concerts and opportunities because of WIDR, and being able to keep the Kalamazoo community informed about those things, too, by talking about them on air. It's a simple concept, but it's very meaningful to me, and I like to think it's meaningful to the greater community as well.

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