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WIDR's July Favorites Playlist

This month brought WIDR’S rotation rack some poppy guitar and sweet layered vocals. Our WIDR staff picked some of their favorites for a July playlist that would fit any hot afternoon or beach day.

1. “Don’t Take the Money” , by Bleachers off the album Gone Now

This song comes first on the album giving off some fun summer pop vibes. With the lyrics that make you want to shout them out loud, it’s a song that most people at WIDR can’t stop playing. A full album review is available on WIDRS blog by DJ Annie.

2. “Feel It Still” , by Portugal. The Man off the album Woodstock

This super feel good song, comes in with simple fun lyrics and a blaring trumpets. It’s jam that makes

3. “Hard to Say Goodbye” , by Washed Out off the album Mister Mellow

Fading into a slower but still upbeat synth-wave song with some great samples, this song feels cool. It feels like taking a dip into the water after sunbathing, it’s refreshing and new. And in true Washed Out style you don’t really know what they are saying but it all sounds so pretty.

4. “In Undertow”, by Alvvays the single from the album AntiSocialites coming out soon

Ridding off of the synth we have a Alvvays new single. Everyone at the WIDR office is waiting for Alvvays sophomore album, so this single has been on constant replay. Alvvays style reigns melodic with sweet vocals and a surf rock electric guitar. It’s a song that will hold nostalgia for July when the summer fades.

5. “My Lover Cindy” , by Marika Hackman off the album I’m not your man

The simple guitar riffs and sweet low vocals of this song feels so relaxing it’s like stepping into warm sand. The song is littered with great pops of color in its lyrics, harmonies, and instruments.

6. “Different Nowt” , by Chasity Belt off the album I used to Spend So Much Time Alone

Echoing off the simple indie guitar in “My Lover Cindy” comes this amazing little guitar tune by the Chastity Belt’s. They prove once again they know how to use their guitars with addicting chords and melodies. It fits in our summer playlist with it’s easy summer feel perfectly.

7. “Heartbreak Summer (feat. K.Flay) ” , by RAC off the album EGO

Our finale song on our playlist lyrics are perfect for anyone who is over summer, and is also perfect for anyone looking for some more surfer rock melodic summer jams. It’s a perfect song to end the day at the beach with a feel good chorus and raspy vocals. It’s like getting an ice cream or slush after a long day in the sun.

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