• DJ Simon Jefferson, Music Director

Rocket by (Sandy) Alex G Takes an Otherworldly Approach to Indie Lo Fi Folk

Never being exposed to (Sandy) Alex G before this album, I was excited to dive into the sound from this Lo Fi Pennsylvania born songwriter. The album was nothing like I expected after listening to the opening few tracks, but this contrast means the album is never dull keeping you on your toes.

Three prep strums, banjo, and dogs barking is the opening to (Sandy) Alex G’s new album Rocket. The song title Poison Root, and it’s avant Garde strings, lyrics about poisons trees, and becoming wholly omniscient sets an ominous tone for the album to come. Proud is next on up, and it is filled with jangly guitar, and bright piano. Lyrically it seems to explore the feelings of doubt, and not wanting to fail love ones.