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Crushed Beaks Melts Together Genres and Lyricism For a True Indie Pop Rock Feeling


Paul Simonon said “Pinkis the only true colour of rock and roll”, so it’s fitting that this album is pink. London trio Crushed Beaks blend dreamy indie pop sounds with aggressive guitar and gravelly vocals. “Scatter” feels like an essential indie college kid album. With lyrics that balance between poetic and being angsty-honest. “Scatter” is an apt name for the album. The album doesn’t feel scattered, but the genres, melodies and lyrics that Crushed Beaks has gathered from other genres feels scattered. But, it undoubtedly works.

The second song overgrown is arguable one of the best on the album. The melodic guitar riffs feel very light, while the drum really focuses in on feeling very brash 90’s. Replica. The third song the album feels very different, with its airy vocals and spacey guitar, yet the core melody feels the same. Feelers which comes sixth on the album is another beautiful example of how this band ties together different feelings that genres can bring. It feels like “The Smiths” in vocals, yet in guitar and drums it carries the whole other 80’s hard rock the vibe. It’s a stunning song on the album that is a good example of what this band is capable of.

What ties this album together is the melodic motifs throughout the album. The album dips a bit towards the end. The lose a bit of their up-beat rock tempo a bit, and become slightly calmer in feel. But it’s a good ending for the album as a whole.

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