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“Pretty City” Albums Let’s Waves of Genres Wash Over You


Pretty City’s new album takes you on a journey of sub-indie genres. Every song has a different feel and sound too offer, but still feels very unified. The Melbourne trio, who formed back in 2012, have given an album that feels nostalgic for the late 80’s and early 90’s.

The opening track Melt really sets this tone of this album with its acid-rock vibes and dreamy guitar riffs. Yet the next track Running Around brings an almost rock-pop guitar hook with grunge like vocals. The albums then further breaks down into giving a very spacey ambient soundscape DIIV like track with (DEFT). But then pulls it right back to its 90’s grunge scene with soft airy vocals in Part of Your Crowd.

This album needs to be played in full, start to finish, with headphones. Each and every song of this 11-track release carries with it vibrant tones that you’ll be getting lost within the variety of melodies you hear in your headphones. The fascinating eclectic mix of sounds on this album gives every type of indie genre lover a chance to find something they like.

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