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“Midnight Faces” Album Leaves You Feeling Like You Were in An 80’s Movie Montage

Heavenly Bodies

This LA trio gives major 80’s electric dreamy pop vibes on this 9-track album. These songs are begging to be played in a scene that has neon lights and fast cars driving with their tops down. The ethereal sound mix of quick tempo synths and pop guitar’s leaves you feeling that you’re at the coolest summer party.

The albums open’s with Blue Haze a catchy wall-of-sound song that perfectly sets the tempo for the rest of the album. Sirens which is third on the album offers a quick-twitch guitar with light vocals that sit perfectly on the song. A surprise saxophone helps give the song that 80’s feel the rest of the album has. Space Boy, which is the 7th track on the album, gives a unique blend of sounds to create something that feel very spacey with vocals that feel very singer-songwriter.

This album refuses to conform to any dream indie pop genre of category. Just when you think you can pin down what a song might be or what might come next it surprises you. Every song demands to be heard as its own entity while at the same time being part of the larger story that is Heavenly Bodies.

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