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Happy New Year WIDR-ites! We are so excited to be back at the student center and in the studio.

Hopefully you had a restful break and are ready for the WIDR WINTER WONDERLAND ALL NIDR! This Friday (1/10) enjoy special winter programming from 7pm until 7am on Saturday January 11th. This programing is to raise money for the 2024 Intercollegiate Broadcast Systems Conference and Awards happening in New York, New York this February! WIDR is nominated for 9 IBS awards.

Last year, WIDR had two nominations, and took home a first place award!

This week the Michigan Association of Broadcasters 2024 Student Award nominations should be announced. Last year the Promotion Director and Assistant went to Lansing, Michigan for the conference and awards. They brought home an honorable mention for Best Use of Social Media.  We are super excited to see how many nominations we will get this year!


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