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YOU NEED A HIT// - KennyHoopla

This is Kenny's first solo song of the year and I hav been anxiously awaiting it's release. I am a big fan of KennyHoopla, and play his songs frequently on my show. In the writing of this review I also realized he is very close to 1million listeners a month on Spotify, super exciting since he makes absolute bangers! Without further a due, my first impressions and thoughts on "YOU NEED A HIT//"

The song starts with a strong guitar before adding in some great drums, something I have come to expect from his songs after his 8 song mixtape with Travis Barker. His distorted vocals and the fast pace of the track makes me want to jump around already. I love the scream that closes out the chorus, as it took me a bit off guard but was super powerful. The second verse quickly gives way to the chorus again.

I would say most KennyHoopla songs are short, and pretty lyric packed and this one is no different. With very few breaks in singing until 1:47 of the 2 minute song, which is when it winds down to silence.

With fun catchy lyrics, and a danceable beat, I really enjoyed this song and suggest you give it a listen! I will certainly be adding this song to my personal playlist and look forward to playing it on my show!



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