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wow! - poptropicaslutz! & aldrch

I have been following poptropicaslutz! for a while. So when I saw they were coming to Detroit in August, I got tickets right away. I have also followed aldrch, one of the openers for the tour for a while, and have played him on my show many times. Last week the two joined forces on a new track, "wow!" Here are my thoughts as I listen through for the first time!

The track starts with the distinctive hyper-pop sound I was expecting. Some of the sound effects used remind me of a video game, but the song still has an alternative rock sound. Vocals come in around 23 seconds this the high pitched, hyper-pop, style I was expecting.

When the lower rap came in around 0:40 I was a bit surprised, but not upset with the change. The vocals still have an edited sound that make them fit well within the rest of the song. The noise they used to transition into the chorus was really cool, and scratched my brain the right way. It's a super upbeat chorus that I can't help but bop along to. Around 2:15 the backing track cuts mostly out, but it returns even stronger around 2:30.

Clocking in at 3:03, this song is pretty long in the world of hyper-pop. I overall enjoyed this song quite a bit. Unfortunately I can't play it on my show, but I did add it to my everyday playlist.


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