• Zack Zagula


When and where did the band originate? What is each band members role in the creation process? We (Brian and Jane) met at Albion College - Jane studied Music & French while Brian studied Mass Media Marketing. The creation process takes different turns every time that we create, but generally one will come up with a song start and the other will jump in and help finish off the song. We've also worked with MSORD (Kalamazoo, MI), Matthew Milowe (Kalamazoo, MI) and Anna Schmidt (Kalamazoo, MI) to create a couple tracks that will be on the album in 2019. The creative process knows no bounds!

How did FINKEL get its name? It's a family name. We started as Less Is More and toured that name for 3 years. After we changed direction, sonically and creatively, we needed something that was more representative of our current head space. Jane and I got married in September of 2017 and she decided she wanted to take my last name. By going as FINKEL we can continue to be Spencer's and FINKEL's. It works great! Band names are hard.

Who or what influences your style, and how do you categorize yourself as a band? Sonically, we categorize ourselves as soul/pop. Visually, we categorize ourselves as Futuristic Urban Milan. When filling out a press release, we describe our sound further as LCD Soundsystem shakes hands with an r&b version of Alt-J. We're both very big into art and fashion. Creating the bands aesthetic, we wanted the fashion element to have value, just like our music and visual art, as it's an extension of ourselves.