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WIDR Studies For Finals!

We know you're working hard in preparation for finals, so whether you've locked yourself in your room, found your favorite corner in the library, or picked your favorite spot in a local coffee shop, we've got the tunes to get you through the week.

Listen to WIDR's Study Playlist Here

For this weeks playlist, we've gotten together three different perspectives on what music to study to.

Sarah's Picks

Belle & Sebastian - Nightwalk

I was always told that music without lyrics is the best music for maintaining focus. This song is perfect soundtrack for your late night studies or walks home from the library.

Laura Marling - Sorry

Everyone works better when they’re in a good mood, so here’s a fun, bittersweet acoustic pop bop to lift you up.

Beck - Guess I’m Doing Fine

With the downer lyrics, a prominent drum beat and loose, airy vibes ; this slow ballad will throw you into a state of deep focus and/or daydream. Beck may sing, “It's only lies that I'm living, It's only tears that I'm crying,” about a lost lover, but I’m singing this to myself as I struggle to find motivation and watch my GPA fall.

Simon & Garfunkel - Old Friends

Simon & Garfunkel have been fueling all of my personal study playlists for the past month, so it only makes sense to include them on this playlist as well.

Sydney's Picks

Kruangbin - Mr. White

If you’re looking for a light and funky groove, this is the band for you. Khruangbin’s sound is based around funky, soulful, and frequently vocal-less music initially released in Thailand during the ‘60s and ‘70s. Their retro surf riffs and soft bass lines will leave you feeling like your lazing on the carribean sea.

Chrome - Send The Pain On

This chillwave track springs to life with its synthetic crescendos. This progressive electronic artists really sets himself apart with proficient percussion and pacing. Chrome Sparks recently released their new album titled “Chrome Sparks”, on April 13th. Put it on repeat to charge your late night at the library.

Efence - Spaceflight

Keeping with the synth trend, this inspired 80’s-era science fiction space vibe creates a perfect atmosphere to allow yourself to hyperfocus. The heavy synth and steady beat will magically fuel you through your galaxy of notecards.

Papadosio - Mr. Turtles Cloud Kingdom

Papadosio has a very unique sound mixing electronica and ambient music with jazz and rock. This track has a very laid back groove and a dreamy melody. Their mixed psychedelic sound is great for any study session.

Alison's Picks

Milk Flud- Bulldozer

I love beats when I'm studying. This simple, chill beat and many like it are part of my regular study music rotation. With light, repetitive background lyrics that blend seamlessly into the beat, it's easy to get lost in it while focusing on work. It switches up towards the end just to keep you on your toes.

Tomppabeats- You're on My Mind

Tomppabeats is one of my favorites to listen to while studying. If you're a fan of lo-fi hiphop or watched any of those "aesthetic" anime vines you've probably heard some of his beats. This one is short, but allows a nice interlude in this playlist. The beats feel simple and relaxing while still keeping you engaged. I highly suggest going to Tomppabeats spotify page and just hitting shuffle while you work on the research paper that's due in 12 hours.

Bon Iver- 22 (Over S∞∞N)

Because everyone loves a little Bon Iver. In general, Bon Iver offers some good study music as the lyrics aren't overpowering the rest of the music and seem to just blend with the instrumentals. This is one of my favorites from their most recent album. And hey just think, these finals will be over soon!

Santo & Johnny- Sleepwalk

This dreamy track is a lovely addition to any study playlist and offers a relaxing couple minutes to help you ignore the stress. The instrumental is slow and beautiful and was recorded 60 years ago, which is a nice break from some of the monotony of more electronic sounds I picked previously.

Go forth and conquer these last few days armed with this mix and a 36oz coffee.


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