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Valentines Day Mix

It’s that time of year again WIDR listeners! The both treasured and dreaded celebration of love, Valentines Day.

Here’s a mix of oldies, classics, indie, pop, and electronic songs to accompany you on cupids special day. Whether you have a magical night planned, fueled with rose petals and candlelight, dinner reservations, or you’re just kicking back with your Pal-entines- we got you covered.

Listen to our Valentine's Day playlist here.

1. “Right Down the Line” , by Gerry Rafferty off the album City to City

This song came first on the playlist due to its gentle groove and simple lyrics that illustrate pure and ideal love. It’s a true reflection of the soul artists were putting into their creations during the 70’s. This warm and timeless tune always leaves me hitting repeat - definitely “first dance” material.

2. “Be With You” , by Giraffe off the album No Reason

Changing gears, this chill-wave track seems to hypnotize listeners with its dreamy melody and beats that pull you in like an undertow. It lulls you into subconscious thoughts of that special someone.

3. “Thank You” , by Led Zeppelin off of the album Led Zeppelin II

This classic tune might possibly be one of the greatest love songs ever written by a rock band. It flows smoothly from a delicate sound to a thunderous melody and back again. You can never go wrong with Zeppelin.

4. “Manchester” by Kishi Bashi off of the album 7” singles EP

This song makes you want to fall in love with someone. The delicate violin contrasts wonderfully with its whirling crescendos. With Kishi’s angelic voice, this masterpiece of a song fills you with emotion, reminding you how beautiful life can be..

5. “When I get my hands on you” , by The New Basement Tapes- Single

Soulful sensual simplicity at it's best. The slow and steady rhythm combined with Marcus Mumford’s loveable voice makes for a feel good love song.

6. “Wonderful ( The Way I Feel)” , by My Morning Jacket off of the album Circuital

This acoustic lament brings intoxicated splendor to listeners. Jim James beautiful voice paints images of sunshine and a warm summer breeze. Open for interpretation, it could be a reminder of your wonderful partner, or that you yourself are living in pure bliss.

7. “I Think I Love You” , by The Partridge Family off of the album Come On Get Happy! The Best Of The Partridge Family

A cheesy song with a great hook. If you haven’t told that special someone the way you really feel, let the Partridge Family pump yourself up with this timeless jam.

8. “You Make Loving Fun” , by Fleetwood Mac off of the album Rumours

This grooving tune will always put a smile on your face. The musicianship is second to none and the emotional lyrics are worth a good listen on this special day.

9. “This is Your Song” , by Roy Orbison off of the album There Is Only One Roy Orbison

Wine, roaring fireplace, and a bear skin rug? Throw on these next two songs for the perfect slow dance. The dramatic soul and emotion that Roy put into so many of his ballads provides the perfect soundtrack to your attempt to recreate that cheesy movie scene you once saw.

10. “Be Anything” , by Connie Francis off of the album Gold

Let this legendary pop star of the 50’s and 60’s fuel your romantic evening. With a voice as sweet as molasses, this beautiful classic is Valentines Day material.

11. “Love Is The Drug” ,by ST*RMAN off of the Spotify playlist Best of Starman

Bob your head along to this song while it sends you through a whirlwind of synthetic wonder. This piece could be the soundtrack to your magical trip through space.

12. “ Nights in White Satin” , by The Moody Blues off of the album Days of Future Passed

Keeping with oldies, this timeless piece of art will leave you with a majestic feeling of love. The haunting yet beautiful flute solo mixed with the use of a mellotron gives you a monumental orchestral feel. This beautiful love song has no expiration date.

13. “Power of Love” , by Celine Dion off of the album The Colour of My Love

I had to end this Valentines Day playlist with the queen. Celine’s powerhouse belt will send shivers down your spine- no matter how cheesy the song is.


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