• Sydney Aldrich

Valentines Day Mix

It’s that time of year again WIDR listeners! The both treasured and dreaded celebration of love, Valentines Day.

Here’s a mix of oldies, classics, indie, pop, and electronic songs to accompany you on cupids special day. Whether you have a magical night planned, fueled with rose petals and candlelight, dinner reservations, or you’re just kicking back with your Pal-entines- we got you covered.

Listen to our Valentine's Day playlist here.

1. “Right Down the Line” , by Gerry Rafferty off the album City to City

This song came first on the playlist due to its gentle groove and simple lyrics that illustrate pure and ideal love. It’s a true reflection of the soul artists were putting into their creations during the 70’s. This warm and timeless tune always leaves me hitting repeat - definitely “first dance” material.

2. “Be With You” , by Giraffe off the album No Reason

Changing gears, this chill-wave track seems to hypnotize listeners with its dreamy melody and beats that pull you in like an undertow. It lulls you into subconscious thoughts of that special someone.

3. “Thank You” , by Led Zeppelin off of the album Led Zeppelin II

This classic tune might possibly be one of the greatest love songs ever written by a rock band. It flows smoothly from a delicate sound to a thunderous melody and back again. You can never go wrong with Zeppelin.

4. “Manchester” by Kishi Bashi off of the album 7” singles EP

This song makes you want to fall in love with someone. The delicate violin contrasts wonderfully with its whirling crescendos. With Kishi’s angelic voice, this masterpiece of a song fills you with emotion, reminding you how beautiful life can be..