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Trick by Alex G - Review

I found out about Alex G. from the song “Sarah” and adored the song. My infatuation with the song led me to listen to the rest of the album.

The sixteen track album is the perfect listen on a rainy fall day. The alternative, distorted, folk-like vibe of the music paired with the emotional lyrics makes for a very unique sound that scratches my brain. The sad lyric and upbeat backing is reminiscent of the Smith’s and their style.

After a full listen of the album, the song “16 Mirrors” stands out the most to me. The background vocals paired with the acoustic guitar differentiates this track from the others on the album. Though the sound is slightly different, it still sounds cohesive with the rest of the album. The meaning of the album, and all of the songs individually, is left up for the listeners interpretation. My interpretation is that each song represents an individual “mirror” of how Alex see’s different parts of himself, and the final track of the album (“16 Mirrors”) is about how he sees himself as a whole and all of these different facets become one being.

As said before, I love the song “Sarah.” The use of wind instruments on this song is really interesting and makes the song cohesive with the rest of the album. The heartwrenching lyrics of the song talk about going through the motions and letting others down, which at this time of the semester is quite relatable. The guitar in this song also stands out, it is very repetitive which adds a deeper meaning to the song. The repetition of the guitar represents the repetition of the days that someone feels when struggling with depression.

Overall the album has a very cool and mystical vibe to it with heartfelt and meaningful lyrics. The pairing of the sound and lyrics makes this album one of my personal favorites and a no skip album.


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