• Maggie Neuman

To Krel A Mockingboyne Review

Self-proclaimed ‘sad indie rock’ band The Krelboynes recently came out with their LP, To Krel A Mockingboyne which I am here to review for you all today! However, before I get to reviewing the tracks on this album, I just want to say how much I appreciate the puns in this album including in its title "To Krel A Mockingboyne" - there's nothing to make things more fun than puns! Alright y’all, let’s get into the review!

The album starts with “Homeward Bound” which is a beautiful, base-heavy track about wanting to go home. It definitely fits the self-proclaimed ‘sad indie rock’ genre but it’s also very very pretty. I wouldn’t normally consider myself a big sad music fan but I can definitely vibe to this one.

“Krelamazoo” comes next which is another pun that put a smile on my face. I love the nearly three minute instrumental intro of this song which once again is very pretty. This song focuses more on the idea of not feeling alone when you’re home which is so nice with it also being about Kalamazoo. There’s such a great sense of community especially in the Kalamazoo music scene and this song is a great reminder of that.

“Toilet Plus Paper” is for sure one of my favorite songs on this album which feels very soothing to me. I think the repetitive base line drives that feeling and gives the space for the guitar to have some fun. This is a song I can’t wait to hear at a house show just for the good vibes. I’m also usually not a huge fan of just instrumental songs but “Toilet Plus Paper” really won me over!