• Maggie Neuman

The Influence of WILLOW

Happy Pride Month, y’all! We’ve got some very exciting things coming up to celebrate this month at the station (check out the schedule here) including a new series on the blog! Similar to how we wrote about influential women musicians for Women’s History Month, some of us are writing about influential LGBTQ+ musicians for Pride Month! This is very near and dear to my heart so I couldn’t be more excited that this month has arrived and to be celebrating with all of you! To kick off this blog series, I wanted to talk about WILLOW who has made her way into the music I listen to like so many others have, through TikTok. I am undeniably on the gay side of TikTok and there are so many audios of songs by WILLOW that I hear all the time and it’s wonderful! Obviously I first knew her from “Whip My Hair” back when she was ‘Willow Smith’ but her music has evolved like crazy since then and is fantastic!

Her song “